Saturday, February 19, 2011

... Dog Day Afternoon ...

... Do I usually leave our bed like this when I go to work in the morning??????
... No, of course not!!!!!...
The conversation when I arrived home from the Shop today, went something like this ...
Mr ~ "I've left the bedroom as it was when I got home, for you to see..."
Me ~ "Uh-oh, you didn't close the door today, did you?...
Mr ~ "No, but I will in future..."
... I looked through the bedroom door and that was the picture greeting me
... one trashed bed...

Me ~ "Daisy, where are you?..."
(... Miss Daisy looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, doesn't she?...)

Miss Daisy ~ "Here I am but it REALLY wasn't me..."
Me ~ ... "Daisy, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!" ...
Miss Daisy ~ ... "Okay, it WAS me, but YOU left me on my own, and
I'M OUTTA HERE!!!" ...
That blur is Daisy heading for cover :))))
Of course, Princess Daisy didn't get into trouble ~ we were too busy laughing.
Lesson Learned ~ Keep the bedroom door closed when we go out!!!
Big Naughty-But-Still-Cute-Puppy-Love,
Sue xo
PS. Stay tuned for my next post ~ we had a very cute sixteenth birthday in our Party Room today :)))

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  1. too cute.....even messed up your room still looks pretty!!!